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Similarly to your carpets - rugs also gather dust, dirt, pollen and allergens from the air concentrating them into their fibres. Steam Genie can clean your household rugs, sanitizing them in the process killing off any bacteria that lies within and have them looking and feeling like new once more. Bringing back the natural colours and pile of the rug whilst also looking cleaner and smelling fresher.


carpet cleaning

Regular vacuuming of your curtains will help maintain their appearance and also reduce the amount of dust that gathers on the surface of the material. However by having them professionally steam cleaned will further remove not only any surface dust but also any dirt and allergens which gather within the fabric. The steam cleaning process sanitizes the material killing off any germs, dust mites etc that lie within leaving them looking great, smelling fresh and more hygienic.


odour removal

There are many factors which contribute to unpleasant odours emanating from your furnishings all of which we can effectively treat. Unpleasantries such as pet odours, urine, vomit, food spillages can all be treated leaving you once again with fresh smelling, more hygienic environment to live in.


fabric protection

Applying fabric/stain protection to your carpets and upholstery will help protect from any future staining. It can provide protection against water based, oil based and soiling stains.
This protection is applied after the cleaning process at an extra charge.


mattress cleaning

Over time our mattresses naturally build up a combination of dirt and dead skin which in turn attracts bacteria and parasites. Not nice I know. But fear not .... Regular professional steam cleaning will remove these nasty impurities leaving your mattress a cleaner, fresher and a more hygienic place to be for your well earned rest.


domestic and residential steam cleaning

* Steam Genie will do their upmost to provide you with a friendly and professional service from which you will receive     great results.

* Our trained and uniformed staff will treat your residence with the greatest respect, making sure you are in the company of friends.

* We have flexible working hours so as to provide our service at whatever time may suit you best causing least disruption to your day.

* Once in your home we will remove and replace any large items necessary for us to carry out our steam cleaning process.

* Prolong the life of your investments with regular steam cleaning.

* We are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance for your piece of mind should any discrepancies unfortunately occur.

*Pets are not a problem also as our staff are dog friendly!

* Many loyal customers appreciate these policies as their repeat bookings testify.

* Eco-friendly products which are safe for your kids and pets.

* We provide a very popular residential multi-room discount whereas your overall cost is reduced by having more than one room or item steam cleaned during the same visit.

* We also offer a residential discount for OAP customers.

* We also offer a discount on your next residential appointment if you were to successfully recommend us to any friends or acquaintances who then consequently booked an appointment with us.

* We are a locally based company that cares about you and your community and can be with you within minutes if required.

* Support local businesses.


commercial steam cleaning

* Protect your investment.

* Regular professional steam cleaning with Steam Genie will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery in your commercial premises saving you money in the long run.

* Aside from the usual spills, accidents and soiling caused by day to day wear n tear, many large premises such as offices and hotels have benefited from regular steam cleaning by Steam Genie to keep their carpets and upholstery fresh.

* Provide a clean, healthy and more hygienic environment for your staff and your customers.

* Help maintain your hard earned image and reputation.

* Offices.

* Hotels.

* Pubs.

* Clubs.

* Shops.

* Banqueting Suites.

* Wedding venues.

* Children’s Nurseries.

* End of tenancy.

* All of these have benefited from using Steam Genie to help maintain their premises.

* Flexible working hours to suit your business needs.

* Minimal disruption and downtime to your business.


end of tenancy

Many landlords and letting agencies require you to have your property cleaned prior to you leaving as part of your lease.


As to avoid losing your deposit Steam Genie can offer you ...


* A deep thorough steam clean of the carpets within your premises.

* We will inspect and treat any unwanted stains where needed.

* Create a fresh new hygienic environment for your new tenants.

* We will provide you with professional and friendly uniformed staff.

* We will provide a flexible working hours regime to meet your requirements.

* Once we have fully steam cleaned your premises we can provide you with an invoice as proof of cleaning for your landlord.

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Based in Rugeley in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside, Steam Genie Midlands is a local independently owned business providing a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to both residential and commercial properties.

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